A bit more about me

Eos Tee is an artist based in Bruges, Belgium. She has an experimental and performative practice built on traditional Chinese calligraphy training she received while growing up in Malaysia combined with her more recent studies in western calligraphy.

Her work brings together cultural references seeking to create commonality through artistic expression and to foreground the importance of communication. Tee uses innovative materials, tools and techniques, including home-made pens, oversized brushes and special surface preparations. She works on silk cloth as well as rice and cotton paper on small and large scales. 

Creating the fluid movement that forms the lettering, is a reflexive and observational live process for Tee, which constantly feeds back to the development of new works. The whole page or drawing plane is important, with the white, open space holding as much visual significance to the final composition as the black, inked lines.

Recent exhibitions have been at De Tank for Brugge Galerie Weekend (2019) and at Het Entrepot, Bruges (2019).

Tee has Degree in Visual Communication from New Era College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2006); a BA in Visual Communication from the National Yunlin University, Taiwan (2011) and a postgraduate qualification in Typography and Lettering Design from the European Lettering Institute in Bruges, Belgium (2018).